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Home Buyer Reports

homebuyers surveys for more modern properties

When considering buying a modern property or requiring an interim price survey, a Home Buyers Report is ideal. We inspect the building thoroughly and advise on all existing or potential problems.

This type of report is suitable for conventional buildings that are in a fairly reasonable condition. It may not be suitable for some older, larger properties or properties of an unusual construction and is intended for buildings that appear to be in good order. The report provides a format summary of the building and is essential for your documentation and peace of mind.

Our Surveyor will identify any defects that either urgently need addressing or which may significantly affect the value of the property. Your Homebuyers Survey will also list any action that may need to be taken by the purchaser prior to exchanging contracts.

For older properties, see our building surveys information.

N.B. In an RICS Home Survey an RICS member conducts an in-depth visual inspection of the property. Their report provides an expert account of the property's condition and highlights any problems in clear and easy to understand terminology.

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